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Hello and welcome to our website. We're a small radio station that has been running for a grand total of six years! We play a mixture of Old Time Radio shows ranging from Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar all the way to Sherlock Holmes.

How to find us

There are many ways that you can find us and listen to us around the internet, although the main ways are via Shoutcast, Reciva (and radios powered by reciva) or you can use the links on the right hand menu to listen to us directly using Windows Media Player, Winamp or another digital streaming media application!

What we play

The majority of the shows that we play on OVR are listed in the shows list at the top of this page. You can use that menu to navigate your way around the website to find out more information about each story that we broadcast!

If there is a story that we do not currently have in our system that you think should be added to the playlist, then please let us know via the Forum form. We will try our best to get this added to our playlist.

Charity Advertisements

If you are an owner or advertiser of a charity and you would like to advertise your charity on our radio station please send in your mp3 formatted audio advertisement to oldvalveradio@aol.com, we do not charge for charity advertisements.

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